1. The main difference between a RAW and JPEG are the file sizes, image quality, editing, and speed. A RAW file is usually a lot larger, but it also has a higher quality. Some editing software’s react differently to these files, and some only accept certain file types.
  2. A RAW file is way bigger than a JPEG. This is because RAW files contain a greater amount of image data, which also means that they are more detailed and sharper.
  3. You can change a RAW to a JPEG, but the image will lose some quality because it is going to much smaller file size. This can be done on an editing software.
  4. If I had a large enough drive to be able to have the larger files, then I would shoot it RAW because they would be higher quality images. However, JPEG files are also good and are much smaller, making them a more convenient option.

Travel Poster

I want to go to Yucatan, Mexico because it is very beautiful and has a variety of things to do. The mainland is covered in beautiful jungles while the coast has some of the nicest and clearest beaches in the world. There are also ancient Mayan pyramids scattered all over the jungles in the state. Overall, it is a beautiful state that I hope to visit one day.

Most Influential Photos

Lunch Atop A Skyscraper, 1932

There were 3 photographers present when the photo was taken, which are Charles C. Ebbets, Thomas Kelley and William Leftwich. It is unknown which one actually took the photo. I liked this photo because it shows how people had very dangerous jobs back then and were able to do things like have lunch on a steel beam hundreds of feet high. It also looks very beautiful as the men are casually enjoying lunch with the background filled with skyscrapers and Central Park.

Flag Raising On Iwo Jima, Joe Rosenthal, 1945

This photo was taken after the United States led a deadly yet successful push to take the island of Iwo Jima from Japan. I love this photo because it shows a patriotic message of the deadly sacrifices needed to fight against evil empires like the Japanese during this time period. and the American flag being a symbol of hope and freedom.

Muhammad Ali Vs. Sonny Liston, Neil Leifer, 1965

This photo was taken after Muhammad Ali KO’d Sonny Liston in a thrilling boxing match. I like this photo because it shows Ali winning although he was seen as controversial and disliked by many, especially the media. He symbolizes the ideas of victory and hard work as seen in the photo.

Good Composition

Masters of Photography Reflection

A photographer that intrigued me was Timothy O’Sullivan. He lived from 1840 to 1882, and he is well known for photographing the events of the American Civil War. He fought for the Union army until he was honorably discharged, and then joined Matthew Brady’s photography team. his most famous photos include a picture of many dead bodies from the aftermath of the Battle of Gettysburg. His work helped to show the events of the Civil War to many people. He is also known for taking pictures of the American West, from Colorado to New Mexico to Arizona. His photos include pictures of rocks and other landscape photos, which helped to show the people living in the East Coast how the landscape in the West was. I like how he shot his photos, as they were very clear and well taken for someone from his time. His Gettysburg photo, most commonly known as “A Harvest of Death”, has very good lighting and can be seen very clearly. His photo of the New Mexico ruins is also very clear with crisp details. I was also intrigued by the photos he took in Nevada, which includes a photo of a large mill. It shows how the American West was moving with industries moving to the Western deserts.